Astra Defense

After long engineering studies and research the Astra Development department realized the new StG4, The Guernica. The most revolutionary M4 in the market.

Not a gun, not a rifle but a new revolutionary weapon. Our decision about the new StG4’s development has been supported and implemented by many M&LE agencies which actively cooperated with us to create a product that could match every professionals’ needs. We took care of every detail to perfection. We redesigned many parts and worked on new machining processes to improve the rifle’s performances, the accuracy and the reliability. The StG4 Guernica’s upper and lower receiver are machined from a solid 7075-T6 aluminum’s block by CNC machines which are the state of the art of the highest Swiss industry’s quality. Zero tolerances admitted. No AR15, M16 or M4 can be compared with the StG4 Guernica.

The Astra Arms StG4 Guernica comes with several tactical accessories like no other M4. The foldable sights, the aluminun Handguard with Picatinny Rail and the exclusive SWT stock have been developed to satisfy every LE operator and soldier beyond all expectations. The StG4 was created by warriors for warriors.

The Astra StG4 is ready to equip a country's Armed Force, a LE unit and any kind of troop or Special Corp with the guarantee of extreme reliability and superior performances in any battlefield. The Astra StG4 is the perfect tool for any use for terrestrial, maritime and airborne assignments. Toughest conditions, cold, dust, and sand are the favourite environment of the Astra StG4 assault rifle. Not an M4 but and the StG4 Guernica.